Microsoft runs on the 2nd gen-Surface Duo advanced cameras

The Microsoft Surface Duo was one of the most exciting smartphones of 2020, though the brand insisted that this device was not exactly a smartphone. With the dual-screen signing, the Surface Duo is still the most unique Android device on the market like any other. However, that did not stop Microsoft from learning the second Surface Duo.

According to a Windows Latest report, the company has been working on the second Surface Duo device since late 2020 and plans to launch it in the next half of 2021. Surface Duo 2 will improve on some of the most criticized bugs of the original Duo, including software and camera experience.

Apart from this, the new Surface device will also include updated hardware, including a faster chipset, better camera sensors and 5G support. However, device software is expected to be highly regarded.

Microsoft has reportedly hired several people to work with the new Surface Duo 2

The report also suggests that Microsoft has been adding a number of engineers to its new Surface Duo. This includes a list of tasks posted by the company. The company also seeks to deliver mobile user information that brings “Microsoft’s best to the Android ecosystem,” the report said.

Microsoft has also contributed to the development of the “Obscured Regions” API which “adds information about the display regions hidden by other functions or the UI of the application”.

“The API will allow the engineer to redirect the experience to the physical regions. For example, Launcher can keep its low-level drawer open to allow the user to launch another application, ”said Microsoft.

In addition, the report also suggests that Surface Duo 2 is not the only product Microsoft expects to launch in 2021. The Surface Laptop 4 is also expected to be launched in April and the Surface Pro 8 is expected in October or November.


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