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Microsoft Starts Testing Inspiration Ribbon in Edge Browser

Microsoft has started testing the Inspirational Ribbon in its Edge browser. This feature is part of “Collections” and is an information feed with content similar to what you have saved in your collection. The company believes that the feature will make it easier for users to find new content online.

If the “Inspirational Ribbon” is enabled, then after the items in the collection you will see additional blocks with content related to the theme of the current collection. If you move the mouse cursor over them, additional buttons will appear that allow you to quickly add content to the collection, mark a particular entry as your favorite, and also get additional information on the topic. At the end of the feed, we are greeted with a “View More Ideas” button that redirects to a dedicated page in Bing.

Microsoft is currently A/B testing the feature, so it’s only available to a small number of users. Thus, the sidebar may be missing even if you have an up-to-date build of Edge Canary installed.

Recall that this feature was introduced in June this year, along with other improvements to the “Collections” in the Microsoft Edge browser. Probably, testing of other innovations will also begin in the near future.


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