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Microsoft Starts Testing Redesigned OneNote

Microsoft has begun testing its new version of OneNote with an updated design. Note that this design was presented last year along with the announcement that OneNote and OneNote for Windows 10 (Microsoft Store version) would be merged into a single OneNote app.

With the updated design, OneNote has certainly become more organically fit into the concept of the appearance of Windows 11. The new version of the application has updated navigation bars, full screen mode, page list, section tabs and a notebook drop-down list. The application window makes extensive use of the Mica effect introduced in Windows 11.

Rounded corners, updated animations, and other changes give OneNote a more modern look. Also worth noting is the new unviewed page revisions indicator, which is in line with the rest of Office. In addition, OneNote will have an optional compact toolbar.

If you often use OneNote to take notes with a pen, then in the new version of the application you will definitely like the updated drawing tab with various tools. In particular, you can find features such as “Ink to shape”, “Ruler” and “Ink to Text”. The new version of OneNote has received support for Surface Slim Pen 2 with tactile feedback that mimics the feeling of writing on a sheet of paper.

Separately, it is worth noting the page sorting, which allows users to arrange notes by date created, date modified, or alphabetically. Microsoft adds that the new co-editing features and the ability to insert images from the Windows Camera app are already available to beta testers, with more coming soon.

Right now, Microsoft engineers are focusing on an update to the OneNote desktop app, where it plans to migrate all the key features from the OneNote UWP app for Windows 10. A completion date is still unknown, so the Microsoft Store version of OneNote will continue to work without any issues.

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