Technology giant Microsoft is reportedly working on printing capabilities in Windows 10. (REUTERS)

Microsoft to bring Windows 11 features to Windows 10: Report

Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly working on printing options in Windows 10. This new printing feature introduces the ability to add a PIN to a print job. Finally, this step would help avoid duplicate connections and incorrect prints. The update is believed to be part of Windows 10 version 22H2. In addition, it was announced that Microsoft is moving to a new development plan for Windows.

Windows 11 may reportedly get a feature called “Privacy Audit” that can help users take a look at apps that access their camera, microphone, and location data.

According to a report by Windows Latest, the tech giant would bring Windows 11 printing capabilities to Windows 10. This will be part of Windows 10 version 22H2 Update.

Additionally, this development will include features that were exclusive to Windows 11. This also includes the ability to add a PIN to a print job.

Microsoft was reportedly moving to a new Windows OS development plan. The tech giant is believed to be returning to its traditional three-year cycle. This means that the next major version could be released in 2024. It could be the successor to Windows 11 if Microsoft sticks to its current naming trend, as the report suggests.

To recall, Windows 11 was reportedly getting a feature called “Privacy Audit” that could help users look at apps that are useful in accessing their camera, microphone, and location data. Microsoft was expected to introduce the feature to app developers for testing purposes. However, it may be available in the future for Windows 11 users to choose whether to continue using apps that can track their sensitive data on their PC.

Meanwhile, according to Windows Central, Microsoft has introduced a new Dictate feature to OneNote that can support voice commands to control dictation, such as deleting text or undoing the last stop. This feature will be powered by artificial intelligence. Dictate works with over 50 languages, providing an alternative way to enter text in OneNote. This feature is expected to roll out to everyone using OneNote for the web.


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