Microsoft Unveils AI Smart Camera for Surface Hub 2

The Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera is Microsoft’s first AI-enabled smart camera designed to improve the quality of remote meetings in organizations.

The camera received a 12 megapixel sensor with a viewing angle of 136 °. The computing power of the device is 1 Tflops (more than the original Xbox 360). A specially developed algorithm allows the camera to automatically compensate for distortion, tilt and wide-angle correction to make objects look realistic. In particular, the Smart Camera can detect everyone in the room and adjust the settings so that all participants are visible during the meeting.

“The Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera automatically frames, adjusts lighting, and delivers an incredibly wide angle of view without any distortion, distortion, or depth of field issues that could limit visibility,” explains Steven Bathiche, Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices at Microsoft. “The team did a great job of setting up the camera so that capturing and framing what’s happening in the room is fluid and natural for viewers and participants from a distance.”

The Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera attaches to the top of Surface Hub 2 with a magnetic clip and connects to your device using a USB-C port. The camera can be purchased separately from the Surface Hub 2S for $799. In addition, the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera bundles will go on sale May 31 for $21,999.


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