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Microsoft wants to improve window snapping in Windows 11 using artificial intelligence

Microsoft is actively working to add artificial intelligence to all of its products, which can dramatically change the search for information in search engines, debriefing of meetings in video conferences, and so on.

Of course, this process could not bypass the Windows 11 operating system. According to the Windows Central Editor Zach Bowden, the company is already testing the smart app window snapping feature. In particular, the system will be able to remember created anchor layouts for certain groups of applications, which will allow them to be quickly restored after closing applications or restarting the computer. This feature will surely appeal to advanced users who often work in multi-window mode with the same set of programs.

In addition, the anchor layout interface will receive support for OCR technology, which can make it easier to find the right application to pin side by side on the screen. For example, you can search for a window by a word, phrase, or image, even if they are not used in the window’s title.

According to the official concept, Windows 11 will also be able to offer options for placing open windows in the anchor layout, depending on the content in them.

But this is by no means all. According to sources, Microsoft wants to add dynamic resizing of anchored windows depending on which app has focus. If the user opens two windows side by side with a 70/30 layout, then when switching to a window that occupies 30% of the screen area, it will automatically expand to 70%.

It is not known when these features will be completed, but there are already hidden identifiers in preview builds of Windows 11 that mention window snapping suggestions. It is possible that insiders will have access to these innovations in the coming weeks.


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