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Microsoft wants to launch the Xbox mobile game store in 2024

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer reaffirmed at the GDC conference that the company intends to launch the Xbox mobile game store after closing its deal with Activision Blizzard. This will be possible thanks to the “Digital Markets Law”, which will enter into force on March 6, 2024. This law will oblige Apple and Google to open platforms for third-party app stores.

Microsoft currently owns 24 studios under Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks, but they create content for the game console and Windows PC. Only a small Alpha Dog Games team inside Bethesda is working on a Mighty Doom game for mobile devices.

If the regulators still approve the merger with Activision Blizzard, then Microsoft will gain control over several studios specializing in creating games for mobile platforms. In particular, these studios have developed Call of Duty: Mobile, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Candy Crush, Diablo Immortal and a number of other projects.


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