Microsoft Xbox Live has been restored to the Xbox network

International technology Microsoft also redesigned its Xbox Live online multiplayer game and digital media delivery service on the Xbox network.

The times for branding began to appear on the Xbox dashboard recently for beta testers, clips were uploaded to the “Xbox network” instead of Xbox Live. Microsoft has now confirmed the name change. A Microsoft spokesman in a statement sent to The Verge stated, “The ‘Xbox network’ means a sub-Xbox online service, updated in the Microsoft Services Agreement.”

He also added, “Updates from ‘Xbox Live’ to Xbox network ‘are intended to separate the basic service from Xbox Live Gold membership.”

Microsoft has used Xbox Live to refer to its Xbox subsidiary service since its first launch 18 years ago. Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, had been known as “Xbox Live’s Major Nelson” for years, but Hryb now calls himself “Xbox’s Major Nelson.”

Plans for the name change appeared in early August, after Microsoft reviewed its Services Agreement. At the time, Microsoft said they would not restart the app and had no plans to discontinue Xbox Live Gold. Instead, Microsoft has continued to announce an increase in the price of Xbox Live Gold that the company was forced to postpone immediately.

According to Verge, Microsoft now plans to drop the requirement for free gaming subscriptions to its Xbox network in the coming months. Games like Fortnite will no longer need Xbox Live Gold as a result, but Microsoft has not yet confirmed when the paywall will be released. (ANI)

This article was published from a wire agency feed without text editing.

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