MobiKwik claims to be investigating allegations of data breach

Indian payment company MobiKwik on Tuesday said it would receive an independent forensic investigation but reassured customers that their data was secure following allegations of breach that exposed the data of millions of its users.

An Indian security researcher last month revealed on Twitter that MobiKwik’s 110 million customer data was displayed on the company’s servers.

MobiKwik denied the request on March 4, saying it did not find security breaches, adding that its legal team would take “serious action against the so-called researcher”.

After many other users claimed the leak appeared to be real, MobiKwik on Tuesday said the matter was being investigated.

“The company is cooperating closely with the necessary authorities, and is confident that the security measures for keeping sensitive information are strong and not violated,” MobiKwik said in a statement. “If you look at the seriousness of the allegations, and with extreme caution, it will get a third party to conduct an audit to protect legal information.”

MobiKwik also said that users could upload their data to multiple platforms and it would be wrong to claim that their data on the black web was available to a paying company.

Based on the outskirts of the Indian capital New Delhi, MobiKwik lists India’s Bajaj Finance, American trading fund Sequoia Capital and South Africa’s Net1 as sponsors.

Provides digital payment services to customers, competing with Paytm supported by Alibaba and Walmart’s PhonePe.

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