NASA to re-attempt launch of Artemis-1 moon rocket - Check where to watch live

NASA will try again to launch the Artemis-1 lunar rocket – See where to watch live

NASA is preparing for a critical second attempt to launch its Artemis 1 mission to the moon after the Aug. 29 failure. NASA will make the second attempt at 2:17 PM Florida time, which will be around 11:47 PM for India. . A Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will launch the unmanned Orion spacecraft on a roughly 42-day mission, during which it will fly around the moon before returning to Earth.

NASA’s new moon rocket is poised to send an empty crew cabin into lunar orbit, half a century after the Apollo program landed 12 astronauts on the moon.

When to watch the launch of the NASA Artemis-1 Moon mission?

The first launch of NASA’s Artemis-1 Moon spacecraft is targeted for a two-hour launch window that opens on September 3, 2022 at 11:47 PM IST. The launch is currently scheduled for Saturday at 23:47 IST.

Where to watch the launch of the NASA Artemis-1 Moon mission?

NASA will broadcast the launch live on the NASA website –

Remarkably, the spacecraft will travel 40,000 miles past the far side of the Moon and stay in space longer than any human spacecraft without docking with the space station. The capsule is expected to reach the Pacific Ocean in October.


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