Nearly 3mn people in India acquired digital skill: Microsoft

Microsoft Corp on Tuesday said it had helped more than 30 million people in 249 countries and territories access digital skills, including nearly three million people from India.

This number is higher than the original 25 million target announced by the tech giant in June last year. Microsoft Corp is also expanding its commitment to help 250,000 companies worldwide hire skills by 2021, the statement said.

“From demolished factory workers to contacts and truck drivers, millions of people turned to online courses from GitHub, LinkedIn and Microsoft during the epidemic to help prepare and protect much-needed roles, including customer service, project management and data analysis,” he added.

The next phase of the program lays the foundation for a new skills-based economy through a program of new tools and platforms designed to connect skilled job seekers with employers, the company said. “Skills will be a new currency in the world after the spread.

Last year, we saw this epidemic affect people all over the world, including those who can tolerate little. In order to survive the epidemic, renewal must be the catalyst for economic recovery, “said Microsoft Asia President Ahmed Mazhari.

In partnership with LinkedIn, Microsoft doubles its efforts to re-create jobs in the region by supporting the creation of an inclusive labor market, creating alternatives, greater flexibility, and more accessible learning methods that connect people more easily to new job opportunities, he added. LinkedIn plans to help 250,000 companies worldwide perform skills-based appointments this year with new and existing hiring products.

The company will provide both new job seekers to demonstrate their skills and new tools for employers to contact candidates based on their skills. This will include a LinkedIn Skills Path driver who integrates LinkedIn Learning and Skill Assessments courses to help employers find candidates more equitably – based on their proven skills.

LinkedIn is testing Skills Path with various companies, including BlackRock, Gap Inc and TaskRabbit, it said. LinkedIn profile features are also being developed to help people share more about themselves, their work and their goals in a more realistic and engaging way.

This includes Video Cover which allows job seekers to demonstrate their soft skills to employers and employers. In India, Microsoft is partnering with governments, industry organizations and nonprofit partners to create a strong digital skills program in the country.

Last year, Microsoft partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in India to empower young law-abiding women designed with a single home with digital skills. Microsoft has partnered with the Directorate General of Training (DGT), the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and the NASSCOM Foundation to create student learning courses at the Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in India. To develop capacity as national priorities, NASSCOM FutureSkills and Microsoft teamed up last year to launch a global AI campaign aimed at honoring AI million students by 2021.

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