Netflix launches ‘Profile transfer’ feature

Netflix Launches ‘Profile Transfer’ Feature.

Netflix lost roughly 1 million subscribers in the last quarter of this year, the biggest quarterly loss in the company’s history.

Streaming company Netflix on Monday launched a ‘Profile Transfer’ feature that will allow an existing account member to create their own new account without having to recreate their profile.

“People are moving. Families are growing. Relationships end. But during these life changes, your Netflix experience should stay the same,” Timi Kosztin, product manager, product innovation, Netflix, said in a blog post on Monday.

Users’ personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games and other settings will be retained when they start their own membership.

Netflix started rolling out the feature to all members worldwide starting Monday. Users will be notified by email once the feature is available on their accounts.

Users can go to the “Transfer Profile” option found by hovering over their profile icon in the dropdown menu on the home page and then follow the instructions.

They can also turn off profile transfer at any time in their account settings.

The recent initiative comes at a time when the video streamer is trying to curb account and password sharing and trying to monetize them.

Netflix is ​​facing a significant decline in its subscriber base.

It lost around 1 million subscribers in the last quarter of this year, the biggest quarterly loss in the company’s history.

The company estimates that more than 100 million households download Netflix for free through password sharing.

The new feature may allow freeloaders using a friend or family member’s account to access Netflix, instead now paying for their own subscription as the streamer hits account sharing.


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