New robot can intelligently alter the shape length of a leg

Scientists at the Norwegian University of Oslo have developed a novel solution on how robots can adapt to moving in different directions. Their new robot, called the DyRET, can change its length and body shape depending on the surface it travels on. It is, in fact, the mechanical mechanism by which humans naturally change the center of their gravitational force from the surface on which they travel. DyRET stands for Dynamic Robot for Integrated Testing.

Researchers have published a study in the scientific journal Nature, describing their accomplishments. The robot uses 3-D cameras and forces the sensors to locate its destination. When he finds a new place, he takes a break and adjusts the length of his legs and body to suit the new location. Energy sensors sense how difficult the earth is to help a robot locate different locations.

Scientists also studied robots in real life situations and noticed that the robot would have a strong barting if it had short legs. They used machine learning algorithms trained in “excellent leg configuration” in different types of environments. This allows the robot to predict exactly what its body and leg length should be. Scientists have shown similar results in video.

“Each leg of the DyRET has two telescopic parts, so that it can change the length of the thigh or its bones. The changes are made by a leg-built vehicle and the length can be adjusted automatically while the robot is operating, “the researchers wrote in the Discussion.

The robot can change its height by about 20%, moving between 60cm and 73cm in length. “With short legs, DyRET is stable but slow, with a low center of gravity. With its longest trail, DyRET is unstable on the move but its step is very long, allowing it to move faster and cross obstacles, ”the researchers wrote.

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