Niantic’s Pokemon Go CEO emphasizes the image of AR glasses

Pokemon Go founder of the Niantic program and CEO John Hanke shared a teaser of Augmented Reality (AR) or Extended Reality (XR) glasses via his Twitter account. The outfit posted in the photo by Hanke may end up being the company”™s first outfit to match its AR games. Hanke wrote in his tweet that “It’s exciting to see the progress we are making to empower new types of devices using our platform”¦”.

Hanke did not share clothing details including its presentation, details, or price. In the image, the speaker can be seen below the left stem of the mirrors. There is also the Niantic logo on the trunk. The lens is defined by a metal / aluminum frame. Some framed content can also be used.

Here is the tweet

The teaser image comes more than a year after the company announced it was working with Qualcomm on AR glasses for the XR platform. However, Niantic has made it clear that the company will not focus on hardware but will build a build of trust. It should be noted that the Pokemon Go game, Harry Potter: Websites and Ingress using the same AR platform.

It will be interesting to see how Niantic AR glasses follow Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens. Also, whether it falls under the category of smart glasses by focusing on sound and camera or including a display. Earlier this month, Niantic announced its partnership with Nintendo to create more AR titles. The arrival of the Pikmin-themed app later this year was also announced.

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