Nintendo teams have Pokémon Go studio in AR apps


Nintendo Co has sold a long-term agreement to develop augmented apps for Niantic Inc., a Google spin-off by Pokémon Go and introduced AR to the general game audience.

The couple announced a long-term agreement in Tokyo on Tuesday to convert Nintendo content into AR applications, which work by placing digital images in the physical world. They will begin rolling out the Pikmin app in 2021, based on a puzzle-solving series developed by Nintendo’s partner to create Shigeru Miyamoto in 2001.

Niantic in San Francisco becomes the fourth partner for the development of Nintendo’s smartphone app, which may have given Kyoto-based company efforts the much-needed push. Since 2016, Nintendo has launched less than 10 smartphone games with external partners DeNA Co, Cygames Inc. and Line Corp.

Niantic, released on Google by Alphabet Inc. in 2015, it became a global pioneer in developing smartphone applications with AR technology. Its most successful creation is Pokémon Go, with Niantic working with Nintendo in partnership with Pokémon Co and taking over the world in 2016.

The Pikmin app will be the first in a series of partnerships between the two companies, and will be developed by the Niantic team of Tokyo. Pokémon Go director Tatsuo Nomura will lead the app development.

The partnership announced Tuesday does not include additional funding from Niantic from the Japanese video game powerhouse, which joined Google and Pokémon Co in a $ 30 million studio funding round of 2015.

This article was published from a wire agency feed without text editing.



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