Nothing Phone 1: A wholesome package  

Nothing Phone 1: Healthy package

Strategically priced in the entry-level premium segment, the Nic Phone 1 offers users a useful package

The first child is always special and receives special attention from the parents. That’s quite true with Nothing’s first smartphone, the Phone 1, which launched last month in global markets including India. At a strategic price in the entry-level premium segment, the Nothing Phone 1 brings an unusual change. We got the Phone 1 to review, surprisingly only for 10 days, and we’ve rounded it up for you.


Nothing Phone 1 is all about design. A design that is quirky and thus also becomes an attractor. The phone 1’s bare-back design certainly breaks the monotony in this segment, or perhaps all. The Glyph Interface adds glam quotient to Phone 1, even if it attracts some unwarranted icing.

Phone 1 has a huge shape, it feels big in your hands. A 6.55-inch screen is the normal standard in the industry, but I found it to be large. The front has an elegant punch design, while the back has all the illuminated features; the Glyph interface, a camera module reminiscent of the iPhone 12 and a transparent design with an exposed back. Glyph Interface works as a fill light for night or low light images. Glyph lighting has other functions as well. It can notify you of calls, messages and SMS. There is also a separate LED flashlight for use in the dark. The SIM card slot is at the bottom along with the Type-C port. The power button is located on the right panel, while the left one holds the volume rocker.

Overall, the Nothing Phone 1 has a strong focus on design, which makes it stand out from the crowd of drab-looking phones, yet still compares to some of the phones already available in the market.


Phone 1’s display is amazing. The OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz is a great combination at this price point. The 6.55-inch display has a wide color range and accuracy. This also comes in very handy while clicking pictures. The display retains its punch and natural feel. OTT content further increases with display configuration.

Overall the Nothing’s Phone 1 display is spot on but if you see the social media posts there are complaints about it having a green tint but I can’t confirm this as the phone was only with us for 10 days and I couldn’t find it during that time. any display problem.


There is nothing in the phone 1 equipped with the Snapdragon 778G+, which offers a smooth overall experience. In those 10 days with the phone, it got two OS updates. Nothing OS based on Android 12 will give you a clutter free experience. The Phone 1’s user interface takes you back to HTC or Pixel phones with a minimalist feel. The icons were bold and distinctive, not like some of the confusing ones found today. There are only two pre-installed apps in it and that’s it.

The chipset is agile on all fronts, be it playing games, scrolling through apps or opening them. 8GB of RAM is enough for all your normal tasks and gaming. I don’t think the 10-day tight schedule gave proper feedback on the phone’s performance, but the gist of it is fresh.


I already wrote an elaborate article about the experience with the Nothing Phone 1 camera. In short, the Phone 1 has the better camera performance in this segment, especially with the rear lenses. The same 50MP Sony IMX766 performs remarkably well in the Phone 1 compared to the OnePlus Nord 2T. The wide-angle 50MP sensor captures scenes and colors nicely.


The Phone 1 uses a 4,500 mAh battery, but comes without a power adapter inside the box. The Type-C port makes it easy to pair with spare chargers in our homes. The battery lasts a long time on the Phone 1 thanks to a nimble processor and a bloat-free OS. The phone supports wireless charging, which is an added advantage if you have a wireless charger.


Nothing Phone 1 is a good healthy package in its segment. It has an oomph factor like the Glyph interface and a transparent, exposed-back design that is both commendable and useful. The super smooth display adds to the charm, while the camera experience was impressive. The operating system and processor complement the needs and demands of the phone. The battery drains less and can easily last a day with it.

Despite all these aspects, there are unverified claims about the build quality, operating system and display of the Phone 1. The ten days was too short a time to thoroughly review any phone.

Overall, Phone 1 is the first child of Nothing and it is special. The phone’s packaging makes it hard to ignore in the entry-level premium segment.


I am Sanjit Gupta. I have completed my BMS then MMS both in marketing. I even did a diploma in computer software and Digital Marketing.

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