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November firmware update released for Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One

Microsoft announced about the release of the November Xbox Firmware Update, available for both the Xbox Series X and S and the entire Xbox One family. This update brings with it the ability to connect to Discord voice chats from the console, an update to sales notifications, improvements to game clip recording, and more.

Connecting to Discord Voice Chats from the Console

If your Discord account is linked to an Xbox, you will now be able to connect to voice chats directly from your game console. To try out the feature, open the Guide, go to the Parties & Chats section, and select Discord. Select the desired server and voice chat. Before joining, you will see avatars of friends who are already talking in this chat.

Noise Reduction in Discord on Xbox Series X|S

On Xbox Series X|S consoles, when you connect to a voice chat in Disrod, noise cancellation will automatically be turned on to prevent people on the other side from hearing barking dogs, keystrokes, and so on. The feature can be disabled in the Discord Call Options section.

Wishlist Gifts and Improved Sale Notifications

If you share your Wish List with family or friends, they will receive a notification asking them to take a look at the list. They will also be able to choose the option “Buy as a gift” and send the product to you. When you receive a gift, the sender will receive a notification.

In addition, now you yourself will receive notifications when items on the wish list are on sale at a discount. The notification will appear in the Guide menu and in a pop-up window. You can set up notifications from the Xbox Store in Settings -> Preferences -> Store Notifications.

New “Captures” app for gaming moments

A new Captures app has been added, which can be found under the Capture & Share tab in the Guide menu, as well as under My Games & Apps. This application is great for viewing, managing and editing saved game moments. It can also be used to copy game clips and screenshots to an external drive.

By the way, to improve the quality of playback, the Xbox Series X|S consoles now provide an increased bit rate for game clips shot in 720p and 1080p.

Additional power settings

Added more detailed power consumption information for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. Under Settings > General > Power Options, you can compare your console’s power consumption in power off (power saving) or sleep mode to help you decide which is best for you. New Xbox Series X|S consoles run in Power Off (Power Saving) mode by default, but you can change this setting at any time.

Also added is the ability to further configure power settings, including the ability to turn off the console after a period of inactivity.

Live streaming with Twitch, Lightstream and Streamlabs Studio

Now you can start streaming live with Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs directly from your Xbox console. To do this, open the Guide, select Capture and Publish -> Live Stream -> Advanced Options -> Destination, and choose Twitch, Lightstream, or Streamlabs Studio. The Twitch app is now only for watching content.

Controller vibration in Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC and Mac

Added support for controller vibration for cloud games launched using the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. The feature only works on PC and Mac in the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. Samsung TVs will receive this feature in an upcoming firmware update.

Recommendations in “Settings”

A new “Recommendations” section has been added to the Settings app with a summary of actions you can take to get the most out of your Xbox. Recommendations vary between consoles and accounts depending on your current settings. For example, the “Adjust Sound” recommendation will help you play media files at the highest quality.

Request to join a game

Want to join a friend’s game? You can now submit a request directly from the user’s profile page. Your friend will receive a notification and will be able to respond with an invitation or a message.

Xbox Assist renamed to Xbox Support

Xbox Assist has been renamed “Xbox Support”. Microsoft updated the design and added support for scrolling articles. It’s now easier to navigate help articles, manage subscriptions, view order history, check account settings, and track activity on the Xbox Support app homepage.


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