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Now game developers can use more RAM on Xbox Series S

Microsoft announced that the June 2022 Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK) brought with it many of the improvements that developers have been asking for. In particular, the company has allocated more RAM to games on the Xbox Series S, which may improve the performance of some games on this console.

Recall that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are equipped with 16 GB and 10 GB of RAM, respectively. Part of the memory is reserved for the needs of the operating system, so only 13.5 GB of memory is available for games on the Xbox Series X and 8 GB on the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft says that the new version of the Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK) has made “hundreds of additional megabytes” of RAM available to developers on the Xbox Series S. Exact numbers, unfortunately, have not been released. The Microsoft Game Dev team notes that this change will give developers “greater control over memory, which can improve the performance of graphics applications in low-memory conditions.”

In addition, the engineers solved the problem, due to which “graphical virtual addresses were allocated much more slowly than non-graphical ones.” This change should also improve gaming performance on Xbox Series S.


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