Nvidia will invest at least $ 100 million on UK computers, says chief executive Jensen Huang

Nvidia Corp chief executive on Thursday said the company would spend at least $ 100 million to buy a large computer in the United Kingdom. Speaking at The Six Five Summit, CEO Jensen Huang said Nvidia would spend “$ 100 million, as a start” on a Cambridge-1 computer. Nvidia had said in October it planned to spend $ 40 million, or about $ 55.6 million, on the project.

Nvidia is in the process of acquiring a UK-based chip technology company Arm Ltd for $ 40 billion from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. This agreement deals with the withdrawal of Nvidia’s rivals and is legally recognized in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

Demonstrating its commitment to the operation of Arm’s UK, in Santa Clara, California, Nvidia said in October that the UK’s most powerful computer was being built in Cambridge, headquartered, to focus on solving health and intelligence problems.

At The Six Five conference, Huang was asked about Nvidia’s plans to invest in the United Kingdom during a joint discussion with Arm Chief Executive Simon Seagars.

“Cambridge-1, the world’s most powerful institution, costs $ 100 million, just the beginning,” Huang said. “I mean it’s a huge investment. It’s the largest computer in the UK, and researchers are very happy with it.”

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