On the Geekbench website, the Lenovo QRD was installed on the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 website

On the Geekbench 5 website, a sample of Lenovo QRD portable computer-based Snapdragon ARM-8cx Gen 3 processor is recognized, allowing us to draw some conclusions about the potential performance of future devices running Windows 11 in ARM.

Compliant with test results, the Lenovo QRD with Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor in one mode became 1010 volumes – 5335 volumes. The stability of the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 base in the tests ranges from 797 and 3006 balances respectively.

If the data is true, then the production of Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 will be available in the future. And here’s to the Apple M1 line processors for a while.


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