OnePlus smartwatch designed for pre-orders in China

The first OnePlus smartwatch is scheduled for launch on March 23 next to the OnePlus 9 series at an online event. Prior to launch, the OnePlus smartwatch is available for pre-orders in China. Listed on the country”™s online retailer, the price of pre-booking is CNY 50 (Rs 550 approximately). Along with previous orders, the final offer for the watch was shared by Unbox Therapy.

People who pre-order a smartwatch will also receive a CNY 100 discount (Rs 1110 approximately) when making a final payment for the watch. To date, the price of the smartwatch has not been disclosed. However, the listing means that there will be Bluetooth and GPS connectivity which are common in the smartwatch.

On the other hand, the smartwatch offer posted to Twitter by YouTuber reveals the final design. It has a black circular dial, a black belt and two buttons on the right side. The OnePlus logo is visible on the top smartwatch button. The band has the same texture as seen in the caption video posted by the company. The watch also looks similar to the Oppo Watch RX.

In teasers, OnePlus has promised a “seamless connection” and “excellent experience” for users of a solid clock. Common features such as step monitoring, heart rate monitoring and water resistance will be available. However, the IP rate has not been determined.

Recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that the smartwatch will not work on Google Wear OS. It will work on an RTOS based operating system. “When we built the OnePlus Watch, we tried to understand the pain points for someone wearing a smartwatch. We chose to go with the best RTOS-based wearable app because we believe it provides you with a smooth and reliable experience while providing good battery life, including some of the biggest problems we’ve been experiencing for people who want to buy a smartwatch, ”Lau wrote in a blogpost post.

Earlier leaks suggest that the OnePlus smartwatch will come with 4GB of storage. It will support WarpCharge technology and within 20 minutes of payment will provide a seven-day juice. There could be standard variations with LTE for the second wear of OnePlus. Also, it can serve as OnePlus TV remote control.



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