Oracle partners with Red Bull Racing Honda F1 data analysis

Oracle on Thursday announced that it had partnered with a four-time Red Bull Racing Honda Formula Champion team to focus on automotive performance, machine learning and analysis. The company will work with four F1 champions as its official partner for cloud infrastructure.
The race team will use its Oracle Cloud (OCI) infrastructure to maximize the data it collects throughout its organization. Since Formula 1 is a data-driven game, details are used from car design to planning its aerodynamics and what changes need to be made based on competition and other requirements. Teams invest millions of dollars every year to focus on all design and strategy as they compete with other teams to make the same investment.
The cars built for the Formula 1 race are equipped with a number of sensors that monitor temperature, brake conditions, engine performance, precise pump timing and tire pressure. This removes speculation and responsibility from the driver to continue to monitor everything in the vehicle and focus on the track, while advanced systems send this data to computer programs that control this data.
The data collected in the car and on the track is used in conjunction with analytics to make sense of all the situations and turn it into a useful team and driver strategy. With a multi-year program focused on open and off-track performance, installation and machine learning, Oracle will work with Red Bull Racing to connect to the previous OCI machine learning and data analysis – for the benefit of the track.
“This is a perfect alliance of two organizations that share a love of creativity, performance, and victory,” said Ariel Kelman, Chief Marketing Officer, at Oracle. “Red Bull Racing did not win many Drivers”™ Championships and Constructors ”™Championships in its young age compared to the roads. Oracle is committed to working with Red Bull Racing Honda to find and create technologies and projects that will allow it to exceed expectations and set new standards in Formula 1, ”Oracle marketing chief Ariel Kelman said in a press statement.


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