Oracle provide cloud hosting for customers as it plays catch

Oracle announced Wednesday that it will be rolling out more sophisticated computer systems to its cloud for free as it tries to catch a new wave of potential customers using the cloud to save time and money.

The epidemic has caused many businesses and governments to move from home storage to computers to rented servers from Web Services at Inc and other providers.

A man at the back of the cloud industry, Oracle relies on its free support to persuade organizations that have not made a change – or just a little bit – to choose to move to its infrastructure.

More than 100 customers have benefited from what Oracle calls its Cloud Lift Services over the past six months, and the program opens worldwide on Wednesday.

“I would be surprised if any customer said I didn’t need this,” Vinay Kumar, Oracle’s vice-president, told Reuters.

Over the past nine months, Oracle has fired 1,000 employees to focus on Cloud Lift Services, Kumar said. He expected the donation to pay Oracle, but declined to say how much the company was budgeting for.

Oracle’s expertise in using its tools effectively and setting up applications to work effectively in changing cloud speeds and reducing the risk of customer merging errors, he said.

Opposing cloud providers reduce exchange subscriptions but usually for key customers or those who accept long-term deals or low fees.

Kumar said Oracle does not need a commitment, but the system is limited to what he calls “few applications” which can be very difficult for a customer to move and not include those that require a complete rewrite.

Among the first inspectors was a new client, the American agribusiness business Cargill. With the help of Oracle, Cargill has changed in churches, not in months, Kumar said.

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