Paytm is levying platform fee on recharges. Photo: Mint

Paytm starts charging ‘forum fees’ for re-payment. See details here

Did you notice the change in Paytm while charging? It has already started charging ‘platform fees’ for re-payment made. Paytm charges between Rs 1 to Rs 6 as a luxury payment, stadium fee, toll, or whatever you charge, for a re-charge made on the platform. Not only is it limited to Paytm Wallet but it also applies to reloads made via UPI, debit or credit card as well. It works on both, app or website.

This new Paytm feature is being released and may not be available to all its users now but will soon be used by all. Paytm charges the platform for a refund of more than Rs 100. Paytm has followed in the footsteps of PhonePe which started the trend.

Paytm court fees.

Today, I verified this in person while recharging my pre-paid cell phone. The actual recharge price was Rs 239 but for this ‘stadium fee’ I had to pay Rs 241, an additional ₹ 2 as a luxury payment. When pointed out on Twitter, Paytm responded, “Paytm may charge very little in some of the Mobile Charges made to the Paytm App or Website. This payment is applicable to all payment methods and is displayed on the payment page before you can resume your payment. ”

In contrast, Amazon Pay and Google Pay do not charge any processing fees. People may choose one of these options to save platform money / luxury / processing costs. This move may have been intended to generate additional revenue.


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