Paytm users can register themselves for covid booster shot on

Paytm users can personally register the covid booster shot in the app. Know how

Paytm today announced that the Vaccine Finder tool in its app now allows the registration of covid booster shot to all eligible citizens as state laws. The Vaccine Finding Tool in the Paytm app allows users throughout India to easily track the availability of Covid vaccine at nearby hospitals and vaccination centers, with booking locations according to their preference.

In the Paytm Health section, users can sign up for an encouraging dose by selecting ‘Book Covid Vaccine’ and selecting a Booster dose. Then, users can select a date and click on ‘Book now’. Users can book their own booster or booster dose that has completed two doses of the goal.

In addition to subscribing to Covid-19 vaccines, Paytm allows everyone vaccinated to easily download vaccination certificates in seconds. Users can also access International Travel Vaccination Certificates which will assist them while traveling abroad.

Paytm also empowers citizens by giving them unlimited access to a gamut of health care services through an app that includes the creation of health IDs, downloading vaccination certificates, obtaining blood banking information, purchasing medicines, booking medical consultations online, lab testing and health purchases and and Covid. -related insurance.

A Paytm spokesman said, “We are proud to be contributing to the great Covid-19 vaccination program, with the integration of the Vaccine Finder tool into the Paytm app now that will allow users to book incredible doses. This demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to improving access to vaccine and helping Indians to stay healthy and safe. ”


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