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Phil Spencer explains why the Xbox Keystone is still not on sale

Microsoft has been working on a device code-named Xbox Keystone for quite some time now that is designed to stream games from the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Within the company, several variants of this device were created, but none of them went on sale.

In an interview Podcast Decoder Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, explained why the Xbox Keystone hasn’t been released yet:

“When we built this device with the hardware we planned, it turned out to be more expensive than we wanted. We decided to focus this team’s efforts on creating an application for game streaming on Smart TV. We are still thinking about Keystone and will return to it when we can get the right price.”

Microsoft doesn’t want to bring a device to market that’s only slightly cheaper than the $300 Xbox Series S game console. The Xbox Keystone should cost between $100 and $130, Spencer says, but when combined with a game controller, the price is well above that.

It is also reported that the prototype Xbox Keystone was created in just nine months. Despite the fact that the device never went on sale, many employees of the Xbox division took the prototypes home and were satisfied with them.

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