Project Moorcroft will give access to game demos for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

Microsoft is working on Project Moorcroft to give Xbox Game Pass subscribers access to demos of games in development. This project, among other things, is designed to return some excitement and intrigue around various games at exhibitions such as E3.

The demos themselves will be limited levels or will be early versions of the games. Projects like these were often set up for E3 and PAX, with fans waiting in line for hours to play the game’s demo.

Demos are especially important for indie developers trying to get their projects noticed. Sarah Bond, head of Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem, describes Project Moorcroft as something that could bring back the E3 vibe.

In addition, Microsoft is developing a financial reward program for developers who are willing to spend resources and time creating such demos.

Project Moorcroft is under development, but curated game demos are expected to begin rolling out as early as next year. At the start of the program, the focus will be on independent developers.

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