PUBG parent Krafton is looking for new investment in India

The parent company of the popular mobile game, PUBG Mobile, is looking for a new investor in India, according to a new job posted by the company. South Korea Krafton Inc., which operates via PUBG Mobile worldwide, has released the service via a similar post on LinkedIn. The job posting appeared on midnight March 18, but it appears the company is no longer accepting its applications.

This is good news for South African players who have been waiting for the game to be re-launched in India since the government banned it in October last year. PUBG Corporation, a Krafton-owned company that owns patents for the game, had announced in November that it would launch a new game for India to curb the ban. The new game will be called PUBG Mobile India and will be used by PUBG Corporation, excluding the Chinese Tencent Games from the equation.

PUBG Corporation took over IP rights from Tencent shortly after the ban and was looking for ways to re-operate in India. In November 2020, the company said it would establish a subsidiary of India to “improve communication services” with players. It will also employ “more than a hundred workers” in the country and establish a local office. Posting of corporate development manager jobs was also seen on LinkedIn at the same time.

According to the current job posting, the investment strategy analyst will assist the company in analyzing mergers and acquisitions, as well as investment opportunities in the country. Krafton had earlier stated that he planned to invest $ 100 million in India “to grow local video games, sports, entertainment and IT industries” in the country. The company also plans to host esports tournaments in India.

The company also signed an agreement with Microsoft in November, announcing that its games will be hosted on Azure’s platform from now on.

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