Qualcomm reportedly works with the Nintendo Switch clone

Extensions are the key to any company and Qualcomm is no different. The chipset maker, however, has decided to go into business that some people may find surprising, but it could be a big step for this product. According to an Android Authority report, the company is reportedly planning to launch an Android-based gaming console. The new console could be launched soon next year.

The Qualcomm console can be enabled for Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, especially the 800 chipset that will be successful Snapdragon 888. So the console can play a form that is not recommended for smartphones. Reports also suggest that the build could be similar to the Nintendo switchch, completed by the available joy controllers. However, cooling requirements can make the new Qualcomm console a much larger device than a mid-range smartphone.

When it comes to features, it is reported that we can see expanded memory card space, mobile support, Bluetooth, GPS, haptic feedback and accelerometers. With 800 new chips, 5G support may be included. If you think this device will be launched next year, it may be running Android 12 with a custom launcher.

The console is also expected to include regulatory support which will reportedly be developed by a third party company. Other expected specifications include a 6,000mAh battery, fast charging and $ 300 (approximately Rs 21,7300).

With the growth of mobile games in recent years and the proliferation of dedicated game smartphones from brands such as Asus ROG, Nubia and Black Shark, the Qualcomm console may be able to shake the market a bit and open up a whole new world of gaming.

However, be aware that this is just a guess at this point. Even if the Qualcomm console is in line right now, the company can always cancel the launch of such a service in the coming months. We will have to wait for official confirmation to get more details.


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