Realme soon will launch its first premium store in India

The Realme brand has announced that it will launch its first store in India. The new leading store will also serve as the main help center. The company says the leading store will not only showcase all of Realme products in the store but will also look at the after-sales issues in just a few minutes. The announcement of the city where the new store will be opened will take place later in the launch event on March 24.

Madhav Sheth, VP-Realme and CEO, Realme India and Europe have told Mint that his new state-of-the-art store will provide a ‘great store experience’ for existing customers and customers. He also indicated that the store would be large, measuring 10,000 square meters.

Seth told Mint, “Realme has always been a customer-focused company and products, and our customers have played a major role in our growth. We will open our first store. In order to give customers the best store experience. It will cover an area of ”‹”‹more than 10,000 square meters. Recognizing the needs of our customers, our goal is to make their purchases more efficient and convenient, while bringing them cutting edge technology “.

He pointed out that the state-of-the-art store will also serve as a company helpline that will focus on resolving disputes within a few minutes.

Realme experience stores will not only allow consumers to try Realme products, but it will also be a comfortable place for the after-sales experience, he said.

With the exception of smartphones, the store will showcase all of its products, including televisions, audio, and clothing. The company intends to add a few new categories to the store and will keep customers informed of those components.

The Realme plan to open more stores in many Indian cities and say they will reduce the number of cities so that they can have future stores based on customer feedback.

The technology product plans to launch the new Realme 8 series on March 24. One of the devices in the Realme 8 line-up will feature a new 108MP main lens.

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