Redmi plans to launch a new gaming phone with Dimension 1200

The layout of Xiaomi’s Redmi is often regarded as a good fit for users looking for value for money. However, the company is likely to aim for higher levels with its next device. General Manager Redmi mocked the new gaming smartphone some time ago. Now, there is new information about the Redmi smartphone that aims to target the game audience.

A tipster called Digital Chat on Weibo has revealed some smartphone details of the alleged gaming device from Redmi. One of the biggest revelations is the tipster that the new smartphone will feature a MediaTek’s Dimension 1200 chipset. While this may not be directly set up against a chipset like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888, the chipset has a very high clock frequency. The chipset is built on 6nm construction.

The phone is expected to receive an OLED display panel. However, Xiaomi can bring a punch hole to the screen. To support the required Hardware of the smartphone, the device may receive a 5000mAh battery unit. The unit reportedly received a 65W faster charger which is expected to fully charge the device in 30 minutes.

Another feature that will help it compete with other players in the segment is the shoulder blades that offer greater performance and more screen area to work with.

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