Robots can replace 20% of oil activity in ten years: Report

The U.S. oil industry, it can save more than $ 7 billion in wages by installing human roughnecks on robots, according to a Rystad Energy report.

At least two out of 10 oil workers around the world in demolition, operational and maintenance support could be replaced by operating equipment over the next decade, the energy data provider said in a report on Monday. That will translate into more than 100,000 jobs in the full range of jobs installed in the U.S.

“Even if the Covid-19 decline has passed us, operators will have to continue exploring new ways to reduce costs,” wrote Sumit Yadav, an analyst at Rystad, this Monday in the report. law enforcement and the refusal of trade unions, Rystad said.

Reducing the number of U.S. heads from robots will be a major problem for the industry that has tried to return to pre-epidemic levels. The use of both pigs in shale patch and in the U.S. The Gulf of Mexico is still declining by almost half compared to the beginning of last year.

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