Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4: Gets practical 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4: It’s practical

At first glance, the Samsung Z Fold4, with its good design, great screen and lightweight form factor, appears to be a worthy successor in the company’s foldable smartphone lineup.

Product innovations tend to improve in successive iterations. The foldable smartphone is one such category that seems to be doing better compared to its predecessors. With the Galaxy Z Fold4, Samsung is trying to make a foldable smartphone that is practical. This is what we felt about the device now.


The biggest feature of a foldable phone has to be its design. Samsung has improved the design of the Galaxy Z Fold4, which was expected from the fourth-generation unit. The smartphone is neither light nor heavy, but easy to hold. Interestingly, it fits properly in one hand without putting too much pressure on it. You can control it with your other hand. This is all while unfolding.

When assembled, it forms an elegant device with a tall display. The SIM card compartment remains on the right metal frame when folded and moves to the left when opened. The power button and volume button are on the right panel or at the bottom if you hold them in the folded position. The USB Type-C port remains on the bottom chassis of the secondary display. There are two sets of speakers on the front panel; one is on the bottom while the other fits the top panel and works fine when unfolded.

The hinge looks solid and comes with Samsung branding. The rear/bottom panel of the phone houses the triple rear lenses and the flash.

At first glance, Samsung has managed extremely well to keep the body weight and form factor ratio under control of the Galaxy Z Fold4, making the phone easy to carry.


Z Fold4 has two displays. On the front, there’s a 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display that’s comfortable enough for everyday tasks. It has great visibility even in bright daylight, while colors are vividly represented.

The entertainment lies on the secondary or main display. It has a width of 7.6 inches and is essentially Dynamic AMOLED. Rarely do we get such a mesmerizing range on a phone’s display, but of course it’s also a luxury phone, which is quite expected. The display creates amazing contrast no matter what is displayed on it. The photo preview looks as realistic as it can be.


Samsung used the newly available Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset in the Z Fold4. There is no doubt that it is the fastest and most agile processor available in the market today. We saw its amazing performance in the iQOO 9T review and it is also used in the OnePlus 10T.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is backed by 12GB of RAM, which is more than enough for any phone. But as a luxury device, great results and multitasking are also expected from it. We will surely learn more in the final review of the phone. In all the time we got so far, the Z Fold4 showed no signs of lag anywhere, be it image processing, scrolling or loading apps/pages. We haven’t tried gaming yet, which we will do in the next few days, and we’ll give you a brief overview of the Z Fold4’s overall performance later.


The Galaxy Z Fold4 has a 50MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 10MP telephoto lens. The Fold4 proves itself without hesitation to be called the best phone for photography to date. The rear lens combination creates amazing shots. The 50MP main lens goes beyond routine tasks and rather excels in low-light photography. The 10MP telephoto lens with 30x zoom captures enough detail for resolution. The 4MP lens under the display works decently. He will use it more and find out the exact result of the same.

Fold4 has a 10MP selfie camera that doesn’t neglect details. We used it in different environments but the results remained almost similar. Selfies were clear and no overexposure was observed. Portraits are also good. There are also many features in the app that you can use for your own good. We’ll talk more about the camera’s performance results in our final review.


Samsung packed the Fold4 with a 4,400mAh battery and it comes without a charger inside the box. The way you use this phone requires battery life. 4 400mAh cell looks good on paper, but thorough testing can prove its power only if we get along with the phone. At first glance, the battery lasted a day, but it was not heavily tested in games.

Initial Thoughts

Samsung has worked on the design of the Galaxy Z Fold4, which is evident from the ratio of shape and weight. The display is mesmerizing while the processor is tried and tested to deliver smooth performance. I haven’t encountered the heating yet. The camera is as brilliant as it gets. Let’s explore more and see if its luxury price tag justifies its inclusion among the flagship innovations.


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