Samsung introduced Galaxy Enhance-X software that uses AI to enhance photos

For advanced photographers, Samsung has Expert RAW software, but given the company’s large customer base, not every Galaxy user is aware of what each dial does. For them, the brand new Galaxy Enhance-X app is an “AI photo enhancement and magic editor”.

According to GSM Arena, as the name suggests, it is not a camera app like Expert RAW, but rather an editor of already taken pictures. These could be pictures you took with your phone but didn’t like, or pictures taken with an old phone or camera.

AI-powered algorithms can sharpen photos, remove reflections, remove blur or add some for a portrait look, brighten gloomy images or mimic HDR, and use Beauty mode.

The moiré effect that occurs when photographing a digital screen is eliminated with one fascinating feature. There are other options that let you control the intensity of the effect, and there’s a sliding window that compares before and after states.

In addition, the gallery saves both the original and edited versions of the image, allowing you to start over if you are not satisfied with the result.

Some of these adjustments are useful for enhancing images captured with outdated, less powerful cameras. This also applies to the AI ​​upscaler, which can increase the size of a low-resolution image by two to three times, according to GSM Arena.

The Galaxy App Store offers Galaxy Enhance-X. APK Mirror also has a copy of it.


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