Samsung launches new Baker Series microwave: Details here

Samsung has unveiled new kitchen appliances under the microwave ovens at the Baker Series. The new microwave series comes with features such as steaming, grilling and frying with convection features.

Samsung has introduced five models under the new Baker Series – two types of fry grills and three steam models – available in a capacity of 23 litres. The range is available on Flipkart and Amazon, as well as the official Samsung store in the Samsung store, at prices ranging from ₹ 10,290 – ₹ 11,590.

The new 2021 microwave range for the Samsung Baker Series goes into Clean Pink, Pure Pure and Gray Clean.

Microwaves can be used to prepare desserts, oil-free snacks and steamed dishes. The South Korean brand has introduced a new series of people who spend a lot of time at home.

“Apart from working from home and studying at home, the new trend we are seeing is that people are baking and trying new ways of cooking at home. People all over the world, especially for thousands of years, are wearing their chef’s hat as they spend a lot of time at home and refuse to eat out. To address the renewed consumer interest in healthy and delicious home-cooked meals, we have introduced the Baker Series Microwaves with first-class Home Desert, Steam Cook and Grill Fry in the entry-level category, “said Sandeep Singh Arora, Executive Director, Online Business, Consumer Electronics, -Samsung India.

Samsung says the new range gets precise controls, different handles, a glass finish body. Microwaves come with accessories such as a glass steam cooker, round rack, and crusty plate. Samsung also claims to have 99.9% anti-bacterial ceramic in its interior enamel for easy cleaning.

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