Samsung warns of delays smartphone amid chip shortage

Samsung Electronics Co., one of the world’s largest chip manufacturers, has warned of “serious” inequalities in the semiconductor industry and said it may be necessary to delay the launch of one of its key telephones.

Samsung CEO Koh Dong-jin made the remarks during the company’s annual general meeting in Seoul. The technology industry has been plagued by shortages of semiconductors that shut down automotive facilities around the world and are threatening the supply of other products.

“There is a huge disparity in the sale and demand for chips in the IT sector worldwide,” said Koh, who is also the chief executive officer. “Despite the difficult situation, our business leaders are meeting with partners overseas to resolve these issues. It is difficult to say that the shortage is solved 100%.”

Koh, who specializes in IT and mobile communications, said Samsung could decide not to launch its Galaxy Note during the second half of 2021.

He said: “The Note series has been set as a prime example in our business portfolio.

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