Search Engine Optimization – Basics and What SEO is

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

So a few people have been talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) but not many people will understand it or what it does and why it is important. Basically SEO is a common method used primarily in web design to improve the SERP of websites (search engine results page) to get more traffic. As you can think of improving the ranking of your website on major search engines can have a huge impact on your business or website. If your business or website was at the top of a major search engine I.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo, if people want something unusual they can click on your website. It is said that at least 50% of all people who want something always click on the top result as it is high and considered the best. So how do people get into a search engine and people search for so many different things?

How do you determine the correct search term?

The most important thing before you try to get to the top of the search engine is the name you want to be at the top of. If you are a web design company trying to get to the top of the search engine for sports terminals or cars it can be ridiculous. I know that is obvious when you think about it sports are searched 4,090,000 times a month, cars are searched 1,220,000 a month and web design is searched at 301,000 a month. They can be searched more often than web design but it does not matter and you will be misleading people who are searching for the word search term sports or cars and chances are they will not want web design and will never come back to your website again. So if you are a web design company can web design be the best search term you can aim for? Yes and no. Yes because that is a high term search term for web design but no because there is a lot of competition. If a web design company was at the top of the web design search engine then it would get more customers and I am sure they would know a lot about search engine optimization and being on the scene for a long time. When you search the web design you see 500,000,000 results. The chances you will find even on the first page of a web-based search engine are very slim so we need to reduce your keyword search.

How do you narrow down a search term to your advantage?

When you shorten a search term there are many things to consider. Do you want to pinpoint a specific location? Do you want to attract customers with a budget or an unlimited amount of money to spend? To narrow your search term, edit what you want out of it and focus on specific audiences. if you are a Nottingham-based web design company and you want to be the best in that area then Web Design Nottingham will be the perfect keyword. The reason why people who want a web design in the Nottingham area may be designing the Nottingham web. Or Web Design in Nottingham sounds better only 73 people search for this per month while Web Design Nottingham searches 2,400 times a month. 2,400 dropped sharply from 301,000 but the competition dropped from 500,000,000 to 534,000. Competitive rating for web design 1: 1661 search per result whereas as web design Nottingham has a competitive rating of 1: 225 search per result. Not only is competition better but people who can search for this are more likely to seek out web design services than read or read about it. There are many other ways to reduce your search time for example you are selling cars as we know the big search term but if you only sell a certain car in support I.e. Ford Focus Second Hand and make a Ford Focus Second Hand your main search name means you have targeted 1,900 people a month looking for that product.

Decided on a search term so how do you get to the top?

This is a very difficult part of making a search engine and also time consuming. Determine what your search term or search terms are now you need to go to the top of the search engine for that term. There are hundreds of things to consider when making a search engine optimization but I will only include the basics, if you want to get the right results I would recommend that you go to a professional SEO company or web design company that makes the search engine fully functional. I will go through only 5 essential features that anyone can do.

Feature 1 – New Content

Search engines love new, original and new content. Do not copy other people’s work or try to copy what they did, come up with ideas and write your own content and you will go a long way. Remember to enter your search terms (known as keywords and this will be explained in more detail in the next section) so that the search engine can see what your content is about and decide to exclude you when someone searches. It is better to spend hours on one page than to spend 5 minutes copying and pasting someone else’s hard work. Duplicate content is where you copy someone else’s content and transfer it as your own. Search engines identify every page on the Internet they come across and if they find that you copied someone’s content they will mark your website down and it will be difficult to get to the first page. If you update your content regularly the search engine will find this and it will only work for you (as long as you have to) and improve your site.

Feature 2 – Keyword congestion

Keyword congestion is another important factor to rank high in a search engine. Keyword is a search term so keeping the same theme as before the search term I was talking about was Nottingham web design so web design Nottingham will be my keyword. Keyword congestion is a percentage of the number of times keywords appear in comparison. Adding all the visual keywords (and meta data factor 3) and finding the percentage of your keywords can be a time-consuming and virtually impossible task. No matter how many tools there are they will do this for you and most of them are free so a quick internet search should help you find the tools you need.

There is no set traffic where your keyword should appear for the search engine to proceed but there are guidelines. Some people think that between 2-4% is a fair amount while others think that 4-6% is the best. All of this is a matter of opinion and all that matters is that your keywords stand out in both search engines and readers. Do not spam your content with keywords as the search engine will put you down and when you get to the top of the search engine people will not be able to understand it but do not laugh at it, you may not notice otherwise the search engine may not respond to what you want your search name to be. I always like to make sure I mention my keyword when I ask just because of my personal beliefs about what search engine algorithm is but if you write more content and become more competent in search engine optimization, you will also have your ideas about what works best for others.

Factor 3 – Meta Data

Things are starting to get really hard no but anyone who has reached this point in the article is beyond their comprehension. Meta data is a title, description and keywords that the reader will not see but the search engine will recognize them. Some web design software comes with add-ons to make it easy to enter meta data but if you do not have knowledge of HTML you can install this yourself. The meta title is actually the title of the webpage you are writing about. This should not be more than 60 characters and should not make sense. For example the meta home page of web design companies might read “Web Design Nottingham – Web Design | Web Designers” or something related. It is not a clear word or phrase but the search engine can see this and understand that they are keywords and what the content is about.

Behind the Meta title is a longer Meta description that should be better understood by readers as some search engines show this when the result returns to the searcher. This should not exceed 160 words and should include your keywords as well. It may read “We are the first web design company in Nottingham. We offer the best web design and ……” and so on. The last piece of Meta Data Meta Keywords. This is where you should put all the keywords you wish to be identified by a search engine and should be read as a comma-separated list of all keywords. And in a web design company it might look like “web design, web designers, web design Nottingham ….” and so on. There is no set query for how many you can add but I do not recommend sending you spam by adding multiple keywords and entering each keyword only once.

Feature 4 – Background Links

A backlink is an internal link that goes from one web page to another in both your domain. The reason for this is when a search engine located on one of your web pages will scan and index that web page. Cannot scan and point another web page to your domain if there is no link from that page. For example (all links use semi colon and not full colon to block actual links) “http; //” has a link to it “http; // .uk / page2” so then the search engine can scan and point the “http; //” notification link. It will then follow the link to “http; //” and the reference as well. This is important because once your webpage is listed, some of your pages will not appear when someone searches and you will be relying on the people who find your website and search through all of your pages for your website to be seen. Also think about how to link page by page? All of this can be done with a site map but you can also have other page links that will improve your SERP by linking keywords with pages customized for that keyword. It says web page is designed for web design, keyword density and meta data includes web design why not link the word web design from one page to a web design page?

Factor 5 – Anchor Text and External Links

Text anchor words linked to link. Sounds a bit confusing but instead of the “read” link feel free to click this link to get a web design “http; //” you can always put the link to read “please feel free to click this web design link” linking the word web design to “http; //”. this will link your keyword to the website.

The reason for doing this is to tell the search engine what the link is. If the anchor text is a web design and the content of the webpage you link to has improved web design the search engine will redirect you and point you to the web search term design. This does not get you to the top of the search engine immediately and a single link will not do that but to show the power of links just search and click here. When you search click here to take you to the Adobe Reader download page. The reason for this is that a lot of people link to the word click here on that web page as it is a useful tool that people may need to look at certain things.

And that’s not all

When it comes to search engine optimization there are hundreds of other quality features that I have not mentioned. You can go and learn a lot of SEO techniques but this can take years to understand and as the internet grows and grows I would suggest you leave the SEO to a professional as if you do not fully understand search engine optimization you can make things worse. on your website. However if you wish to study it in depth there are a lot of websites out there and plenty of other articles and resources you can learn but SEO techniques are not written on stone and other people will have different ideas.

The best way to learn search engine optimization techniques is to test them and see what works for you but it can be a long and time-consuming process. Never go with a company that promises a page 1 position on all search engines during the day as this does not happen. If a company wants this then it is very possible about an ad keyword campaign that is completely different from organic search engine optimization and does not provide the same results and more cost savings.

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