Selfie Ring Light launched by Tonor at an Affordable price

Selfie Ring Light is the new product for users who exclusively use online platforms. It is a useful tool for professional as well as amateur.

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Selfie Ring Light launched by Tonor at an Affordable price

Tonor has come up with product by the brand name 12-inch Selfie Ring Light which has customised features. Some of the features which include usage are Smartphone Holder, Tripod Stand, Bluetooth Remote Shutter for YouTube creators/Zoom Conference/Makeup/Streaming/Photographer, This can be used in the platforms like iPhone Operating System (iOS) and Android (TRL-20). Due to higher controllable illumination capacities, it helps content creators and streamers. The advantage is that the flashlight on the object or its purpose can be altered as per the object focus requirements. It can be fitted easily on the desk and also its dimensions can be controlled by adjusting its height, lets you quickly raise or lower the tripod height for a better video recording quality. The ring lights can get very vivacious even in absolute darkness.

About Tonor Company:

Tonor is a start-up company established in the year 2019. Already has a good market share in the US and Europe. They are selling their other products like microphones and karaoke system. Its speciality is in different forms of microphones. Mostly now the professionals are appreciating and understanding the importance of different forms of microphones and karaoke system.

Formerly these sophisticated gadgets were only meant for professionals who were already established, as it was a costly component. Due to advanced technology they were having a monopoly in their business. In this early 21st century technology has taken a quantum leap. No longer consumers are brand conscious, they prefer the services which are having different features, easily accessible and most importantly cost-effective.

M/s Tonor has come out with various products in the field of selling products like Microphone, karaoke machine, sound systems and now they have launched this unique product which is Ring lights. The pioneer of this project has been set up by a well-known professional in the field of singing and music industry Mr Kevin Richards. He has used his experience and expertise to help the fellow aspirants in the arena of the Music Industry.

The following are the details about the Selfie Ring Light.

Sr NoFeatures
1.Dimmable Ring Light. 3 colour modes (cold, warm, natural). Each mode has 10 brightness levels.
2.Gentle & Bright Light. 160 high-quality LED bulbs.
3.20000H Span Life. High-quality light board and LED bulbs.
4.Upgraded Tripod Stand. Height: 16″” to 52″”. Stable.
5.Easy to Operate. Comes with Bluetooth remote shutter.
6.Suitable for video Conferencing like zoom call, ms-team, google duo, TikTok, YouTube, Makeup, Photographer.
Selfie Ring Light
  • Ring Light Size: 12inch
  • Colour Rendering Index: 80-90
  • Luminous Flux: 500-800lm
  • Power: 10W
  • Input: USB 5V-2A
  • LED Qty: 160
  • Lifespan: >20000 Hours
  • Tripod Stand Extendable Height: 410-1350mm/16-53inch
  • Remote Battery: CR2032, 3V
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Process: Polishing, Sandblasting, Oxidation
  • Height: 16″/410mm-53″/1350mm
  • Max load: 3kg
  • Net weight: 680g

Tonor has enormous future potential, optimises efficiency. It has become technologically precise as well as trendy. It can be extended to a wider range of individuals requirement. These are the things that add more value to money.


  • Affordable cost.
  • Easily Portable.
  • Controllable flashlight for better Illumination.
  • Very handy and effective tool.


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