Sensible and Sensational, SENS Smart Wearables are 100% Made in India: Arihant Jain

Sensible and Sensational, SENS Smart Wearables Are 100% Made in India:

What was the thinking behind introducing a new brand to an already noisy market? Was there a gap between the marks that SENS noticed?

The hybrid lifestyle we’ve all adopted, especially post-pandemic, has created a need for products that are not only fresh, but also uncluttered. The essence of the need is also to find something that is affordable, has impressive features and offers excellent after sales service. We have to agree that the Indian market has evolved manifold and is now driven by young millennial and Gen Z consumers who are looking for quality and uniqueness. They demand products that are stylish and functional, and that’s the niche we want to serve with SENS. We wanted to create a range of products that express this need and are 100% made in India for the Indian audience. We really think that the combination of Sensible and Sensational was the genesis of this idea and SENS was born.

How is your product portfolio laid out? And also tell us about some features of these products.

All SENS products are designed by in-house teams based in India and the US. As an ode to the scientists and creative geniuses of our time, we have named all our products after renowned scientists and artists. That’s why we’ve opted for unique names like Edyson, MJ and Einstein etc. SENS products come with advanced AI-driven features, coupled with state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge technology, all built by in-house teams at SENS.

Packed with the latest technologies such as AMOLED display, BT calling and Orbiter with a robust design and material, the wearables include four different smartwatches – Edyson 1, Einstein 1, Nuton 1 and Edyson 2. All SENS smartwatches are equipped with fitness tracking features including SpO2 and heart. rate tracking and comes with unique sports modes and a host of other features. The watch is the perfect everyday companion, with high-resolution, customizable watch faces along with IPX 4 and 5 water resistance and iOS and Android compatibility. Several models were launched with additional strap options as part of the launch offer.

SENS’ range of TWS earphones and neckbands includes seven different models across price points, giving consumers a wide range of options to choose from. We have launched 4 TWS – Cnatra 1, Cnatra 2, Hendriks 1 and Hendriks 2 and 3 neckbands – Alvis 1, MJ 1 and MJ 2. All products in this category are waterproof and have voice assistant functions (Google and Siri) and are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Select products from the headphone category come with industry-first trademarked technologies, and some models also come with advanced audio attributes such as Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

And to build a more comprehensive ecosystem, SENS has also launched an inspiring range of smart lifestyle bottles, keeping in mind the shift in focus towards health and fitness by Millennials and GenZ. The bottles are integrated with built-in features designed to promote healthy lifestyle habits among individuals. The bottle has a trendy design and is easy to carry. It is available in modern colors.

What was your pricing strategy? Are you looking at targeting a specific consumer group from a price point of view?

Our pricing strategy is quite simple; we wanted to develop and market products that were stylish, functional and affordable at the same time. We are very aware that we are not targeting a set target of consumers from a pricing point of view. We think cost-effectiveness, quality and after-sales service apply to all demographics and markets. We see it as a great democratizer of technology, where we don’t judge products by price, but by quality. With special introductory prices, our smartwatches range from INR 1499 to 3099 and our TWS and neckbands from INR 699 to 1699.

What made you decide to make the products 100% Made in India?

It was just the most logical direction for us. With Jaina Group’s years of experience in the market and manufacturing infrastructure, we wanted to build a Made in India brand for India and beyond. Additionally, as a group we have a better understanding of our market and audience and wanted to promote the government’s Make in India initiatives under the incentive scheme in phases. The strategy is not only effective, but also a great means of upskilling and job creation. We envision a near future where our dependence on raw materials and materials sourced from international markets will be reduced and we will be able to build further on this ecosystem.

Where and when will the products be available?

Products that are available exclusively on Amazon will be available on Amazon starting September 23, 2022 at special introductory prices for a limited time.


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