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September Firmware Update Released for Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One

Microsoft announced on the release of the September Xbox Console Firmware Update, available for both the Xbox Series X and S and the entire Xbox One family. This update brings with it a redesigned app and game library, new default storage settings, voice chat noise reduction, and more.

Customize the color of the Xbox button on Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers

From now on, you can customize the color of the Xbox button on the Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers from over 16 million colors.

To change the color of a button, you need to open the Xbox Accessories app on your Windows PC or Xbox game console, select an existing profile or create a new one, go to the Color tab, and browse through the suggested color sets. If you can’t find a suitable color, you can enter the desired shade code in hexadecimal format.

This feature requires the latest version of the Xbox Accessories app and the September Xbox Firmware Update. If the setting is missing, then restart your console by going to Settings -> General -> Sleep and Wake -> Restart Now.

Updated library of games and applications

Microsoft has introduced a new “Full Library” section, which has replaced “Games and Applications”. It has received a tabbed interface that simplifies access to the games and applications available to you. The section currently includes the following tabs:

  • “All games” – combines all content sources into a single library.
  • “Purchased Games” – all the games you bought.
  • Xbox Game Pass – all games available to you by subscription. The top of the tab displays Play Later, Recently Added, and Coming Soon lists.
  • EA Play (including as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) – includes games from Electronic Arts, including Battlefield, FIFA and Mass Effect. Also on the tab there is a list of “Trial Games”, which includes new games for which a 10-hour demo is available.
  • “Gold Games” – games that you can get for free as part of an Xbox Live Gold subscription.
  • Dedicated section for apps like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, etc.

Default storage for games and apps on Xbox

This update introduces the ability to select the default storage for different types of games and applications, which allows you to make the most efficient use of disk space. If the console has external USB drives or memory expansion cards connected, you can select them as the installation location for, for example, applications and games for backward compatibility. If you choose the “Let Xbox decide” option, Xbox will install content on the fastest drive that has enough free space.

Noise reduction in voice chats

From now on, voice chat noise reduction is available on both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, and even on Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. This feature will allow you to get rid of annoying clicks, background music and breathing sounds during communication.

Noise reduction is enabled by default, but users can disable it at any time in the “Guide” -> “Parties & Chats” -> “Options” section. In general, the feature works much like Discord Krisp and Nvidia Broadcast on PC.


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