Shocking! Apple AirTag secretly planted to track woman around Disneyland

Shocking! Apple AirTag has been secretly deployed to track down a woman at Disneyland

Apple launched AirTag in April last year to allow users to track their belongings in case they get lost. The device has helped owners find their lost or stolen products from AirPods to cars. However, in an unacceptable incident, someone used an Apple AirTag to track a woman without her knowledge for about two hours. The incident happened near Disneyland California on Saturday night last month.

In his book he said that the happiest place in the world (Disneyland) would turn out to be his worst nightmare. “The happiest place in the world could be my worst nightmare,” he tweeted.

The woman shared her experience on the microblogging platform Twitter. According to his post, he noticed that someone was following him after AirTag connected to his smartphone via BlueTooth. Received notification when tags are connected to his smartphone. So far, it is not known where AirTag was placed by the stalker. It was probably hidden in his bag or in his pocket.

An Apple AirTag was posted for me to track my location on Saturday night. I share my experience so you know what to look for as I had never heard of this before Saturday night.
– Hannah Rose May (@Hannahrosemay_) June 28, 2022

However, in recent incidents, AirTags have been used extensively to recover stolen items. For example, a man who lost his luggage on a wedding trip used a machine and a PowerPoint presentation to retrieve his belongings. Elliot Sharod and his bride Helen were returning to the UK from South Africa on April 17. The plane was parked in Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt.

In another incident, a Canadian man used AirTags to locate and recover his stolen Range Rover in Canada. He placed three AirTags in the second car – one in the glovebox, one inside the spare tire, and the third under the back seat – to make sure he was tracking the lost car in case it was stolen.


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