Shocking! 13-year-old posts obscene content from parent’s social accounts

Shocking! The 13-year-old’s post is offensive to parental social accounts

In a shocking incident in Jaipur, a 13-year-old boy posted sexually explicit material on his parents’ social media sites. The game addict also hijacked his parents’ cell phones and erased all data on devices. But not only that, he is also said to have threatened his parents on social media, making the case even more confusing. Parents became aware of their child’s involvement in what became known as an expert robbery after complaining to police about the shocking incidents. Parents also told the cyber cell that their phone screens are displaying strange cartoons.

According to Mukesh Chaudhary, a Cyber ​​of Police Commissionerate Jaipur specialist, parents also found Bluetooth chips and earphones attached to the walls of their home. The machines gave them the impression that someone was stalking their family.

The Department of Cyber ​​Cells has found that their son is responsible for all the extraordinary events that have taken place. However, the child initially told police that the hacker had threatened to kill his parents. But in time, the boy admitted that he was doing all this work as a joke.

Chaudhary said police found in the investigation that it was a family member who did all this. Police found the obscene text on the boy’s uncle’s cellphone. He added that the boy had been using the phone all the time.

“When the parents told us about this, we asked family members to monitor what their son was doing, and when the parents questioned him he admitted that he was doing it at the behest of the criminal but later said he did everything. “Chaudhary was quoted as saying in a report in the Free Press Journal.


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