Signal soon can make moving your account easier and safer

Signal is a popular messaging app right now, but it doesn’t have a lot of features compared to competitors like Telegram and WhatsApp. One of these features is the ability to move your Signal account to another device. Currently, Signal users have to go through several steps to do this, including taking a local backup, transferring a backup file to another device and using a file to retrieve their data.

However, a new report from TestingCatalogue suggests that Signal may use a new feature to make the backup and migration process much easier. This will help the app to get along with apps like WhatsApp, which provide an easy way to navigate between devices.

“Your next development needs to be improved. Quickly and securely send your Signal information to your brand new Android phone. Use end-to-end hidden migration to move your account and messages from the old device to the new device over a private Wi-Fi Direct connection. ”

The new feature will still use end-to-end encryption for your backup files, and with standard Signal, this will be the safest way to back up and transfer your data to another device. If you are part of the Signal beta system, you should already see the new ‘Transfer Account’ feature within the Signal settings under the ‘Chats’ section.

To use the new feature to transfer your Signal account to a new device, tap the Transfer Account button. Continue by selecting Transfer from Android device when prompted and tap on ‘Continue’. This will move your account to the new device.

The feature uses Wi-Fi Direct to move accounts so, you’ll need to keep new and old devices close at hand. The new feature should soon reach even a stable Signal type account.

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