Snap says why India was the first non-English selection

Snap introduces India”™s first Indian Snap ”˜Swap Phone”™, a realistic dating show where the idea is for contestants to exchange their phones, and find each other. A series of 12 episodes in Hinglish with subtitles in English and Hindi, and will be available in the Discover section of Snapchat. This is also an English Non-English Original for Snap. There”™s a lot going on with Snap Originals in India including a new comedy series with Vir Das, and a special series on Raftaar via OML.

Snap Originals was launched back in 2018, and there have been more than 100 series made to date. In the second half of 2020, Snap said more than 85% of Gen Z users watched Snap Original. India is one of the few countries where Snap creates Original. The company has been entering the market and seeing 200% growth in its Discover segment.

“We have seen a lot of momentum in India, it was unthinkable about what it means in certain markets. Snapchat reaches more than 60 million users in India and we saw more than 150% growth of DAU in India last year. We also saw a great deal of involvement in our creative tools. So when we looked at that and looked at the content presentation in India in 2018, and saw what it really felt to viewers, it made a lot of sense for us to think which of our best practices that we have that makes sense. But how do we do that in a realistic and structured way from the ground up to the Indian market, ”said Vanessa Guthrie, Head of Snap Originals.

Snap has partnered with the Colosseum media to produce Indian phone exchanges. This is actually a modification of the Phone Swap already available in the US, and is one of the most popular and longest Snap Originals. The show is in its 12th season now and has over 69 million unique viewers on Snapchat.

“We have partnered with the Colosseum media who have been good partners in local production to ensure that all creative decisions are taken from a local perspective. Whether that was from the producer or the editor, we just think about how we take this format or how we rebuild it from the ground up to the Indian audience, and that”™s what we”™ve done here. So the combination of these two things that led us to say, not only does it make sense for us to do this in India but it also makes sense for us to do this through Phone Swap India, ”said Guthrie.

Phone Switches like other existing Snap Originals, with many editions in India, are all unwritten shows. There are no written show programs yet, and the company plans to focus on this first and foremost.

Snap Originals is available in the Discover section of the Snapchat app. This is where Snapchat displays content from affiliate products. Speaking about expanding Snap Originals to other platforms, Guthrie said, “On the real side, we go back to the purpose of the creative process because it was a masterpiece and something we really focused on. So when you create something from the ground up for a cell phone and how to make it a great experience for that customer, Snapchatter. Naturally you create a mobile phone with that personal information on Snapchat, it makes it very difficult to put it on other platforms and expect it to be good for that customer. of how committed we are to that creative process.

Guthrie also explained why the company may never make money with Snap Originals.

“We have a good monetization plan, and I know we have made a lot of progress in our video ad products and we are making money through Snap ads or commercials that are non-stop video ads. That’s our model. And when you consider the length of a show that lasts between 3-5 minutes, these are short ads and are therefore the perfect complement to all the information. You will not be able to watch a 5 minute episode show on Snapchat and see a three-minute commercial break. ”

The introduction of Snap for Originals in India comes at a time when the short video market is booming in the country. Spap has also recently launched its TikTok ”˜Spotlight”™ rival in India and a $ 1 million creator fund. With Spotlight and Snap Originals, the company now covers two types of short video formats in India.

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