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Some AirPods Pro 2 users complain about audio drift and sync issues: Report

Some AirPods Pro 2 users have reportedly complained about an annoying sound issue that persists even when Apple features like dynamic head tracking and surround sound are turned off.

According to 9To5Mac, audio drifting is an issue with headphones, where audio shifts between each side of the two headphones.

In addition to switching between headphones, it can sometimes happen that the audio is out of sync with the videos. In this case, the speaker in the video audio would not be in line with their mouth.

Affected users report experiencing a combination of audio drifting and shifting, as well as volume levels randomly increasing or decreasing.

“This is my second pair of AirPods Pro 2 and the sound seems to keep shifting/shifting all over the place. Sometimes it can compress the volume of a song and then increase it randomly,” wrote a user on Reddit.

“No, it’s not head tracking or surround sound. I turned them off,” the user added.

Meanwhile, AirPods Pro 2 users recently received an error notification telling them to “replace” the battery soon.

When the battery of the AirPods Pro or MagSafe Charging Case was drained, the bug appeared to cause a battery change notification to be sent from the Find It app to a neighboring device.

The notices urged users to “replace the battery with… soon,” even though AirPods batteries cannot be replaced and the device needs to be recharged.

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