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Sony has started testing support for 1440p resolution for PlayStation 5

Sony released a new beta firmware for the PlayStation 5 that brings support for 1440p (2K) displays, library sorting lists, and new social features. In the coming months, this update will be available to all owners of PlayStation 5 consoles.

So, in the new update, the PlayStation 5 received the long-awaited support for monitors and TVs with a resolution of 1440p. It is noted that if the game supports 1440p, then the console will display the image in native resolution. The rest of the games will run at 4K, but users will notice improvements in anti-aliasing through supersampling up to 1440p. However, Variable Refresh Rate technology does not yet support 1440p resolution, so you will need to select either 1080p or 4K to use it.

In addition, game lists have appeared in the new firmware version so that you can sort your library. The console allows you to create up to 15 game lists, each containing up to 100 games. You can add digital, disc and cloud games to the lists.

Added the ability to compare 3D audio and regular stereo audio to make it easier for you to choose the best option.

Finally, several new social features have been added at once. For example, you can now ask your friends to share a screen by sending them a request. New notifications when joining the “Party” will let you know that you can join your friend’s current game session. Also in the “Party” you can now send stickers and voice messages.

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