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Just as working at home has been something for many of us over the past year and has not been easy, the same is true for content creators and photographers who are also out of the world closed. It’s been a year and we’ve taken things in stride, but a lot has changed.
Hindustantimes spoke to Mukesh Srivastava, Digital Imaging Head at Sony India, after the launch of their flagship camera – Sony Alpha 1 – to learn what 2020 has been like for them and what plans they have for 2021. And how to compile a complete camera kit for the emerging content builder (yes, welcome). Read on to find outGiven the proliferation of beautiful cameras on Smartphones and many content creators who rely on that, how do you make a case for cameras like the Sony Alpha 1 on a large consumer set?

The Sony Alpha 1 is set at the top end of the series and is designed for professional photographers and videographers who love to capture wildlife, sports, news events, commercials, length photography, weddings, landscapes and more and want to expand their range to capture capabilities. high and continuous shooting at 30 fps.

In the wake of the ensuing epidemic, how have you seen the world change for professional content creators and photographers by the year 2020 and what do you predict by 2021?

During the lock and stay home time, we saw many styles like the rise of OTT content creation and cinematic making. To meet such demands from the industry, Sony is well-equipped with a wide range of industry-leading products with no-framed cameras, technology and consumer cables and a wide variety of lenses.

Expert and critical voting and live broadcasting also saw a high trend. While we are very confident to innovate these innovations through our product line, we are constantly working tirelessly to bring modern technology and empower creators to see their potential.

By 2021, we firmly believe that the industry will grow and we will witness new things in terms of gear and content creation strategies.

How has the profession changed in the last few years? (not just electronics and technology)

Professional photography has seen a dramatic change in consumer behavior over the past few years. With the recent trend of OTT content creation, the rise of the movie-making category and the growing vlogging segment, we have seen that time-consuming consumers are becoming more critical and older. Supported by a strong integration of technology and flexible equipment, consumers are empowered with advanced technology.

At Sony, our goal is to empower creators to achieve their dreams and with Alpha 1, the latest Sony technology brings unprecedented speed and resolution with new creative and workflow opportunities.

How has the profession of India changed in the last few years?

In India, we have seen a similar trend when artistic images have emerged in full force. In addition to the latest style of OTT, cinema, content closure, we saw an increase in online sessions and courses that clearly show that consumers are spending more time caring for professionals. Sensitive and mature images are on the rise.

What are the plans for the 2021 Indian market?

By 2021, we are definitely looking to expand our customer base. While the wedding market has a large share, it expands our focus on other growing segments such as wildlife, OTT, cinema and vlogging. Sony has always tried to offer the best products in the industry with an outstanding and unique proposal, such as Alpha 1 and we are committed to continuing to offer state-of-the-art technology.

For a budding content creator or someone about to embark on a professional journey – what is the best camera key, you can recommend?

Choosing the perfect camera kit depends on the specific need and the category of the buyer. For example, we can recommend Sony ZV-1 to a budding content creator who was initially shooting at a smartphone to enhance their capabilities and create content. Similarly, a creator using a digital digital camera can upgrade to the APSC sensor camera or moreover become a full-frame sensor or movie line.


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