Sony teases early look of user experience for PlayStation VR2

Sony unveils first look user experience for PlayStation VR2

Transparent display, broadcast mode, and a customized game surface are some of the features coming to PlayStation VR2.

While an exact launch date for the PlayStation VR2 has yet to be announced, Sony revealed some of the features coming to its next-generation virtual reality headset on Tuesday.

The transparent view, according to Sony’s blog post, will allow users to see their surroundings while wearing the headset. Accessed by pressing a function button on the headset or using the car in the control center, the transparent view will work with the device’s integrated front-facing cameras, allowing users to switch between viewing content on the VR2 and their surroundings. However, the transparent view will not support the upload option.

Another feature coming to VR2 will allow users to film themselves while broadcasting their gameplay. This feature seems to be aimed mainly at players who stream their gameplay.

The ability to customize the game area is another feature coming to VR2. This feature will be available with PS VR2 Sense controllers and built-in cameras. According to Sony, the cameras will allow users to scan the room during gameplay to expand and customize the gaming surface to suit an individual’s play style and room environment. Users will also be alerted when they approach the boundaries of the designated play area.

Additionally, VR2 will have dedicated VR and Cinematic modes. In VR mode, users can access a 360° view with virtual environment content displayed in 4000 ✕ 2040 HDR format with 90 Hz at 120 Hz frame rate.

In cinema mode, players will be able to view the PS5 system and user interface and all non-VR games and content on a virtual cinema screen. The display will be in 1920 ✕ 1080 HDR video format with a frame rate of 24/60 Hz and 120 Hz.


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