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Spotify introduces Friends Mix, a new personalized playlist: Here’s how it works

Spotify has announced the addition of a new personalized playlist – Friends Mix. The announcement comes ahead of Friendship Day, which is August 7, this Sunday. A new playlist will automatically appear in the “Made for Us” section under the “Made for You” hub once you’ve created three Blend playlists. It’s basically a combined playlist that includes your tastes and your friend’s tastes. it works by taking into account the Blend playlists you’ve created with your friends.

Spotify says this will help listeners ‘discover new and familiar tracks based on what’s trending among friends’. This feature is available on both iOS and Android for both free and premium subscribers. Similar to Blends, this playlist is updated regularly so you’ll have new music to listen to every day.

For those who don’t know, Spotify Blend is a feature that allows users to merge their existing playlists with another person, making it easier for both of them to share their music tastes. Spotify allows users to invite up to 10 friends to Blend.

How to create a Blend playlist

If you don’t know how to create a Blend playlist, just type “Blend” into the Spotify search box.

  • Select the “Create Blend” option.
  • You can then tap ‘Invite’ to send it to your friends.
  • Users can also share Blend Story with others.
  • To do so, simply go to Blend, tap the three dots, select ‘View Blend Story’ and tap ‘Share this Story’.

Friends Mix will grow over time, according to Spotify, so as you create more Blend playlists with others, you’ll be able to find more new music to listen to.


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