Spotify is launching a new playlist based on artist, genre

Spotify on Wednesday unveiled a custom playlist based on three different categories. From today, Spotify Premium and free users will be able to access playlists based on a mix of artists, genre combinations and decade combinations.

Spotify will build various playlists for each mixing phase. This playlist will obviously be personalized depending on the artists, genres, and decades you have listened to most of the time. Playlists will be updated regularly with various songs added to that mix. “These mixes, designed with you in mind, start with the songs you love and refresh yourself with the songs we think you”™ll love, and eventually grow with you over time,” Spotify said.

Spotify said a new playlist was promoted in the “Daily Mix” playlist provided to users. Spotify creates a separate Daily Mix playlist with songs you usually listen to, and songs like that. Spotify said the Daily Mix playlist is one of the most popular offerings from its catalog, and is also widely listened to by users.

The new playlist will vary for each user as it will be based on preferences and recommendations. But you can expect playlists like “2010s Mix”, “2000s Mix”, “Pop Mix”, “Latin Mix”, “90s Mix”, “Sam Smith Mix” and more. New playlist combinations will be found within the search section “Made For You”. Tap on the Made For You card to access the new playlist. The first category will show your mix of genres, followed by your artist mixes, and the third will cover your ten years.

Spotify already offers a lot of recommendations depending on your listening preferences but if that’s not enough you can check out the new playlist.

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